Opening a restaurant business can seem like a daunting task. However, to make it easier on you, we have developed a list of different restaurant supplies that you could use to make your kitchen a success like having elegant Restaurant dinnerware oppose to using regular dishes.

Keep in mind that if you are opening a bakery the supplies you need would be slightly different than if you were to open a pizzeria. The same would apply if you were going to open a pub compared to a hair salon. There are differences in the equipment that you would need. Here is some of the supplies that you could choose from when opening your first restaurant.


Convection ovens are ovens that contain a fan that will assist in the baking of your items. This type of oven is usually a lower temp oven and is great for pizzas as well as pretzels. Some bakeries will use this type of oven compared to other ovens since it circulates the air and therefore cooks everything evenly rather than one part more than another.

If you are opening a pizzeria that is going to be fast paced and you want to cook pizzas quickly, the conveyor oven is a good restaurant supply or piece of equipment to own. This type of oven will use a conveyor belt to push the pizzas through the oven and will spit them out the opposite side when completely cooked.

If you plan on frying anything, you will need to look at the dryer piece of equipment. The fryer can be used for things such as donuts, chicken wings or even fried dough. Any of these items are good when fried in a fryer.

If you plan on making and selling hamburgers, the griddle or grill is one item that is a must have. The grill will serve well for other items that you might want to make and sell such as steaks, onions and peppers as well as eggs and bacon.

One item that every restaurant should have at least one of is a industrial microwave. This will allow you to reheat items that you could have already prepared and only needs to be reheated. Some of the food choices include soups.

If you plan on opening a restaurant that is healthy the steamer is a must have. This will allow you to prepare rice and vegetables that are steamed and therefore healthier for your patrons compared to boiling or frying.

If you want to save money overall then you might want to check into the restaurant supplies secondhand store. These supplies are usually sold cheaper since they have been purchased by the business from owners who no longer need the pieces of equipment.